Travelodge still doesn’t know who hacked it

from the Register
The breach first emerged on Thursday when customers started getting spam
emails to addresses which had only been given to the hotel chain. The
Information Commissioner’s Office is investigating but stressed that
hacking was primarily a matter for the …


Defcon trains child hackers

from TG Daily
At the ripe old age of 19, Ryan Clearly, arrested in the UK last week over
a series of high-profile hacks associated with LulzSec, is positively long
in the tooth. he organizers of the Defcon hacking conference, to take place in Las Vegas this fall, …

SOCA hacker is an Asperger’s sufferer

from PC Advisor
Cleary is charged with five offences under the Criminal Law and Computer
Misuse Act. It is alleged he conspired with other members of hacking group
LulzSec on or before June 20, to create a botnet that was used to carry out distributed denial of …

Tony Blair got hacked

from the Inquirer
By Dave Neal
WALK ON ACTOR in the Simpsons and UK ex-PM Tony Blair has been
the victim of an apparent hacking attack and seen his personal details
become the source of much internet discussion. Various reports say that
Tony Blair, properly known now as …

LulzSec Goes Out With A Bang; Battlefield Heroes, Others Hacked

from Gaming Bus
Basically, they took what they could, but in a lot of cases, The A Team was right; most of this isn’t advanced level hacking, it’s just script kiddie junk on unsecured websites. Ultimately, the most damaged places were the ones that were down for some …

No Charges Filed in Hawaii Lawmaker ‘Hacking’ Case

from Honolulu Civil Beat
By Chad Blair 06/24/2011
The FBI says no charges have been filed in the
case of an alleged hacking earlier this year of a state lawmaker’s official email account and website. The site bears Rep. Kymberly Pine’s name, but she doesn’t actually own the …

90 Percent of Companies Have Been Hacked Into, Survey Finds

from SecurityNewsDaily
If hacking a website is akin to throwing toilet paper onto a company’s
front lawn, then hacking into its internal networks is like breaking into
its house and stealing its jewelry. Among that 90 percent of respondents
who said they’d been hacked into, …