COD 4 hacked, worries for Modern Warfare 3?

from Product Reviews
Hackers have been getting lots of media coverage lately, today we have news from a report by PlanetXbox which shows how the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game is now being severely hacked. Gamers are finding that when they play this old game …

Codemasters website hacked, ‘tens of thousands’ of personal accounts compromised

from Engadget
By Vlad Savov posted Jun 13th 2011 4:03AM — This must be the season of the hacking witch as we’ve now seen yet another company’s online security walls breached. Independent UK games developer Codemasters, responsible for titles like Dirt 3 and Overlord, …

Nintendo and Epic hacked

from Train 2 Game
“Our Epic Games web sites and forums were recently hacked. After some
downtime, they’re back up and running now,” Epic founder Tim Sweeney
stated. “The hackers may have obtained the email addresses and encrypted
passwords of forum users. …