‘Hacked off’ celebs lead war on British tabloids

from Ninemsn

British actor Hugh Grant outside the Houses of Parliament in London, where a debate was being held into the allegations of phone hacking by
journalists. (AAP) Actor Jude Law is suing The Sun newspaper. (AAP) It took the hacking of a murdered girl’s …

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‘Hacked off’ celebrities lead war on tabloids

from AFP

It took the hacking of a murdered girl’s phone to make the News
of the World scandal explode, but celebrities have wasted no time in using the row to press their own agenda against the tabloids. Actor Hugh Grant has led the charge by becoming …

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Hugh Grant Sues Police After Taping Reporter’s Hacking Claim

from Bloomberg

Sues now- defunct News of the World over claims reporters for the tabloid
hacked into the mobile phones of politicians, celebrities, and murder and
terror victims. Suing the police has been a means for possible victims,
including former government …

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Hugh Grant and the unlikely cast of characters in the phone-hacking crisis

from The Guardian

Hugh Grant discusses phone hacking in a TV interview outside Westminster.
The Four Weddings and a Funeral star is an unlikely expert on press regulation, but the actor has become an unofficial spokesman for …
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