IMF Makes Progress on Hacking Investigation

from Mobiledia
The cyber-attack on the IMF, which oversees the financial condition of its
187 member nations, comes after the institution took precautions in
response to a threat from hacking group Anonymous. The hackers said they
would target the IMF’s website, …

What Do IMF, Citigroup, And Sony Hacks Share?

from InformationWeek
By Mathew J. Schwartz InformationWeek To the non-stop list of organizations suffering hacking attacks, now add the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Over the weekend, the organization confirmed to multiple news outlets that
its systems had been …

Analysis: Who might be behind attempted IMF data hacking?

from Reuters
Rick Dakin, CEO and senior security strategist at IT audit and compliance
firm Coalfire Systems, speculated the hacking attempt might be an effort by unidentified terrorists or militants to undermine the IMF and global
system. …

IMF is latest big name to suffer hacking attack

from TechRadar UK
By Patrick Goss — The International Monetary Fund has been targeted by
hackers – the latest victim of a high-profile cybercrime wave. The likes
of Sony and Codemasters have suffered from recent data breaches caused by
hackers, but it is not just tech and …

IMF hit by hacking attack, say reports

from ZDNet UK (blog)
The International Monetary Fund is investigating a serious hacking attempt
on its networks, according to several reports. The organisation, which
holds extremely confidential information on the economic health of its 187
member countries, confirmed on …

Hackers And Clouds: How Secure Is The Web?

from NPR: Two new victims took a hit in the Wild West world of computer hacking this
week: Citibank, where 200000 credit card holders were victimized, and the
International Monetary Fund, which reportedly also endured a cyberattack.