Hackers target Murdoch newspaper Web site

from CNET
by Elinor Mills

The LulzSec hacker group has turned its sights on Rupert Murdoch’s UK newspaper The Sun, hacking the site to direct visitors to a fake article claiming the media mogul had died and releasing information on
journalists. …

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Dissolution of Hacker Group Might Not End Attacks

Published: June 26, 2011

An image posted on Lulzsecurity.com after the group said it had attacked the Web site of the United States Senate this month.
But security experts said on Sunday that the dissolution of the group might not signal an end to the attacks, which have hit dozens of Web sites, including those of prominent targets like the Central Intelligence Agency, the United States Senate, the Arizona state police and Sony.


Defcon trains child hackers

from TG Daily
At the ripe old age of 19, Ryan Clearly, arrested in the UK last week over
a series of high-profile hacks associated with LulzSec, is positively long
in the tooth. he organizers of the Defcon hacking conference, to take place in Las Vegas this fall, …

SOCA hacker is an Asperger’s sufferer

from PC Advisor
Cleary is charged with five offences under the Criminal Law and Computer
Misuse Act. It is alleged he conspired with other members of hacking group
LulzSec on or before June 20, to create a botnet that was used to carry out distributed denial of …

LulzSec Goes Out With A Bang; Battlefield Heroes, Others Hacked

from Gaming Bus
Basically, they took what they could, but in a lot of cases, The A Team was right; most of this isn’t advanced level hacking, it’s just script kiddie junk on unsecured websites. Ultimately, the most damaged places were the ones that were down for some …

Electronic Arts’ BioWare unit hacked

from CNNMoney
This week, hacking groups Lulz Security and Anonymous announced they have
teamed up to target governments around the globe in what they’re calling
“Operation Anti-Security.” Also this week, cloud storage site Dropbox
revealed a glitch that let visitors …

A Timeline of Hacking Group LulzSec’s Attacks

from ABC News
By AP — Early May: LulzSec sets up shop on Twitter and claims its first
series of hacks, leaking what it says is a database of “X Factor”
contestants and attacking Fox.com. — May 30: LulzSec breaks into the
website of the US Public Broadcasting …

Hacked Memos of State Police in Arizona Are Released

from the New York Times
Two online collectives, Anonymous and LulzSec, have claimed responsibility
for a string of Internet attacks in recent months, bringing down Web sites
and hacking into corporate and government systems. The attacks by LulzSec,
the newer group, …

Hacking group faces its own hackers – and hubris

from msnbc.com
The trouble with hacking for glory — as LulzSec … are doing — is that
you want everyone to know what you’ve done, but you don’t want anyone to
know who you actually are. And the combination of human nature, where
people want their due respect, …

LulzSec member says group is ‘bored’

PETER SVENSSON, Associated Press, RAPHAEL G. SATTER, Associated Press
Updated 01:50 p.m., Sunday, June 26, 2011

NEW YORK (AP) — A member of a publicity-seeking hacker group that sabotaged websites over the past two months and has announced it is dissolving itself says his group wasn’t disbanding under pressure from the FBI or enemy hackers.
“We’re not quitting because we’re afraid of law enforcement,” the LulzSec member said in a conversation with The Associated Press over the Internet voice program Skype. “The press are getting bored of us, and we’re getting bored of us.”