US Senate Site Hacked Again

from Hard OCP
Ten high profile hacking stories since the beginning of the week and none
of them involve the PlayStation Network. The US Senate site was hacked
again yesterday, Reuters reports. According to the news service, hackers
breached the site and stole …


Duff: LulzSec hacking group claims credit for attacks on Senate, CIA

The US Senate has ordered a security review of all its websites after their main site was compromised by the hacking group LulzSec last weekend.
Nothing confidential was lost; hackers only skimmed the surface of public
sites, but it’s hard to read the …

Hackers take down CIA website, break into Senate site

from CBS News
By Brian Montopoli, Updated 6:34 p.m. Eastern Time

Computer hackers broke into the Senate’s public website Wednesday though they were unable to get proprietary data, the Senate acknowledged today.

It was the second such attack in less than a week.

Meanwhile, the CIA website was taken down Wednesday afternoon. The hacktivist group LulzSec group claimed credit.

Catching some lulz by hacking the U.S. Senate

from Marketplace
By John Moe Marketplace Tech Report, Wednesday, June 15, 2011 The United
States Senate website has been hacked by a group of hackers who pride
themselves on their sense of humor. Introducing LulzSec. A shadow of a hand over a computer keyboard …

LulzSec says it hacked US Senate website and Bethesda gaming servers

from the Los Angeles Times
“The group also released a statement Monday, bragging about its hacking
prowess and sketching out in basic terms how it went about “pillaging” the
Bethesda servers in “ninja mode” with “heavy artilery Lulz Cannons.” “After mapping their internal …

Security Review Ordered After US Senate Website Hacked

from RTT News
The Senate Sergeant at Arms, responsible for Congressional security,
confirmed the hacking attack on the Senate website–, but
stressed that no sensitive information was compromised. The agency said its security staff had discovered …