Hit and Hacked, Sony Fights Back

from Newsweek
“We are the poster child” of computer hacking, he says more than once.
“I feel a little sense of aggrievement…Enough already. If the CIA and
the FBI can be hacked, Sony can be hacked…I’m sick of hearing it.”
Companies from Citibank to Lockheed Martin …

Group says it hacked Ariz. public safety files

from Forbes
AP , 06.23.11, 09:18 PM EDT PHOENIX —
A group that boasts of successfully hacking Sony and the CIA website now claims to have hacked into the computer files of an Arizona law enforcement agency. The Lulz Security hacking collective announced Thursday …

Sony Pictures France hacked, 177000 e-mails stolen

from Geek.com
This time it’s Sony Pictures France that’s been hacked, and over 177000
individual e-mail messages have been stolen from the site’s database. The
two hackers who took credit for the attack are a student from Lebanon and a friend of his in France. …

Hackers Target Sony Pictures France

from PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius
With all the hacking of government Web sites and smaller gaming companies, it seemed like people had almost forgotten about Sony. Not so fast. Two hackers on Sunday said they had successfully targeted the Web site for Sony Pictures …

The menace of computer hacking

from Sydney Morning Herald
Then computer security firm RSA had their servers breached, an attack that
may have led to the hacking of defence giant Lockheed Martin, an RSA
client. In April, person unknown cracked Sony’s PlayStation network, and
stole 77 million users’ data. …

World hacking: And you thought it was only Sony’s PSN network?

from AkihabaraNews
With the successful hacking attempt aimed at Sony’s gaming servers, the
world only had a preview of what was possible with self-proclaimed stealth
security systems. Unlike Sony who hit the big news in no time, there were
plenty of hacks floating around …

Why are Lulzsec and Anonymous hacking games companies?

from The Guardian
The move generated considerable anger within the hacking underground,
especially when Sony gained access to the IP addresses of visitors to
George Hotz’ website. Calling this move an “unforgivable offence against
free speech and internet freedom” the …

PlayStation CEO Apparently Cool With Hacking

from Platform Nation
Although Sony is notoriously known for being anti-hacking, modding, or
anything of that sort, Sony CEO Jack Tretton is apparently okay with this
sort of thing. At least, he stated this in an interview with The New York
Times: “No, there’s a real …

What Do IMF, Citigroup, And Sony Hacks Share?

from InformationWeek
By Mathew J. Schwartz InformationWeek To the non-stop list of organizations suffering hacking attacks, now add the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Over the weekend, the organization confirmed to multiple news outlets that
its systems had been …