Phone hacking: Downing Street is in disarray – so send for the leg-breakers

By John McTernan

The supine response to the phone hacking scandal at the News of the World
shows David Cameron’s need for a proper political machine, says John
McTernan. Halfway through my time as his political secretary, Tony Blair offered me some ….

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Tony Blair got hacked

from the Inquirer
By Dave Neal
WALK ON ACTOR in the Simpsons and UK ex-PM Tony Blair has been
the victim of an apparent hacking attack and seen his personal details
become the source of much internet discussion. Various reports say that
Tony Blair, properly known now as …

Tony Blair’s personal data hacked

By IANS, London :
Personal details about former British prime minister Tony Blair have been hacked and released on the internet, The Sun reported
Sunday. Names, addresses and phone numbers of his wife Cherie and many
friends were also released. …