Piers Morgan seeks apology over hacking claim

from AFP

Former tabloid editor Piers Morgan has demanded an apology from an MP who made claims about him admitting to phone hacking, at the London hearing which quizzed Rupert Murdoch. In an angry on-air exchange, Morgan, who is now a celebrity …

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Is Piers Morgan connected to phone-hacking scandal?

from Reuters
By Lucas Shaw NEW YORK (TheWrap) –

Is CNN’s Piers Morgan the next to fall in the News Corp. phone-hacking scandal? CNN, which has given the scandal plenty of play, is starting to face questions about its treatment of allegations implicating its own …

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Brits want Piers Morgan, to testify about phone hacking

from Detroit Free Press

Members of British Parliament want Piers Morgan, a former UK tabloid
editor, to answer questions about the phone hacking scandal that is rocking Britain. Authorities are calling for Morgan, a former editor at Britain’s News of the World and Daily …

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