Don’t blame the Press Complaints Commission over phone hacking

from The Guardian

The Press Complaints Commission, chaired by Lady Buscombe, has faced severe criticism over the phone hacking scandal. It is not every day that an institution you have just joined and for which you share responsibility is …

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Wi-Fi–Hacking Neighbor From Hell Sentenced to 18 Years

from Wired News (blog)

Barry Ardolf, 46, repeatedly hacked into his next-door neighbors’ Wi-Fi
network in 2009, and used it to try and frame them for child pornography,
sexual harassment, various kinds of professional misconduct and to send
threatening e-mail to politicians, …

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Political leaders to hear Milly family plea on hacking

from the Yorkshire Post

THE family of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler are to meet with the leaders of the country’s three main political parties to demand “stronger, clearer and faster …
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Phone hacking: the rules on politicians and media must change, says David Cameron


The media inquiry could lead to the introduction of laws to police the
press, raising concerns that freedom of speech could suffer as a
consequence of the phone hacking scandal. Mr Cameron made the announcement at a hastily-convened press conference in …

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Keeping up with the hackers

from CNET
by Elinor Mills
The number of hacking events of late is making our heads
spin at CNET. By our count, there have been more than 40 computer attacks,
network intrusions, or data breaches in the last few months. And they seem
to be a daily occurrence. …

LulzSec Goes After More Gaming Firms, Anonymous Takes On the Fed

From PC Magazine

The hacker community was again busy Tuesday, with LulzSec targeting gaming companies like Minecraft and Eve Online, while Anonymous vowed to hit Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke.
Hacker group LulzSec said it took down the Web site for CCP Games’ EVE Online as well as Minecraft and Escapist Magazine.
The group also targeted network monitoring firm FinFisher “because apparently they sell monitoring software to the government or some s**t like that,” LulzSec tweeted.,2817,2386932,00.asp