Activist charged with hacking

from the Boston Globe
By Milton J. Valencia

Aaron Swartz, a Cambridge web entrepreneur and political activist who has lobbied for the free flow of information on the Internet, was charged in federal court with hacking into a subscription-based archive system at MIT and …

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Holder open to meeting Sept 11 families on hacking

from Reuters

The Mirror report, citing an unidentified source, has yet to be
independently verified but already has fueled US emotions over the wider
phone hacking scandal that has consumed Britain and rocked Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp media empire. …

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FBI arrests 16 in Anonymous hacking investigation

from CNET
by Elinor Mills

Sixteen people were arrested in the United States today in
connection with hacking attacks by the Anonymous group of online activists, as well as one person in the UK and four people in the Netherlands, the US Department of Justice said …

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Hacking scandal gets global audience

from CNN International
By Michael Martinez, CNN

The 168-year-old News of the World published its final edition on July 10 as a result of the phone hacking allegations. The phone-hacking scandal began two years ago as a lonely newspaper crusade in London, …

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Taliban denies texting Mullah Omar’s death, blames hacking

from the Los Angeles Times
(Ahmad Masood, Reuters)
By Laura King Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

In this Murdochian age, it somehow seems inevitable: The Taliban movement says it was phone-hacked. The group said Wednesday that text messages announcing the death of supreme leader …

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Phone Hacking: Brooks’ husband denies cover up after bag found near flat


Detectives began examining the items amid concern that they could prove
important in the phone hacking inquiry and fears were raised that they
could have been deliberately dumped. But last night Mr Brooks insisted the laptop and other items had nothing …

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Piers Morgan seeks apology over hacking claim

from AFP

Former tabloid editor Piers Morgan has demanded an apology from an MP who made claims about him admitting to phone hacking, at the London hearing which quizzed Rupert Murdoch. In an angry on-air exchange, Morgan, who is now a celebrity …

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