Kissinger, Huntsman: US, China need cyber detente

from Reuters
By Paul Eckert and Daniel Magnowski NEW YORK/SINGAPORE (Reuters) – The
United States and China need to reach an agreement to restrict cyber
attacks and designate some areas as off limits to hacking, two former
senior US officials said on Tuesday. …

Analysis: Who might be behind attempted IMF data hacking?

from Reuters
Rick Dakin, CEO and senior security strategist at IT audit and compliance
firm Coalfire Systems, speculated the hacking attempt might be an effort by unidentified terrorists or militants to undermine the IMF and global
system. …

For China activists, hacking attacks a fact of life

from Reuters
Reuters (N) and Citigroup (CN) — have also suffered high-profile hacking attempts. Some have been tentatively traced to China, where security experts suspect authorities both turn a blind eye to hackers and sometimes use them for their own ends. …