Senators Press Dow Jones Panel to Probe UK Hacking Allegations

from the Wall Street Journal

Two Democratic US senators are pressing a Dow Jones & Co. editorial oversight board to investigate whether any Dow Jones executives
played a role in or knew about the UK phone-hacking scandal that has rocked corporate parent News Corp …

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Pressure Mounts On News Corp In Australia

from the Voice of America
Phil Mercer | July 21, 2011

Pressure Mounts On News Corp In Australia
Sydney Australia is to consider toughening its privacy laws in the wake of the British phone-hacking scandal that has stunned Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Canberra said Thursday that …

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News Corp. to Stop Paying Legal Fees of Key Figure in Hacking Case

from The New York Times


Under pressure in the widening phone hacking scandal, the News Corporation on Wednesday said that it would no longer pay the legal fees for the private investigator at the center of the hacking and partly lifted …

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Phone hacking: how News Corp’s failed bid BSkyB unfolded


He is keen to give final confirmation by July 19 when the summer
parliamentary recess begins Ofcom intervention fuels fears deal will not go ahead as phone hacking scandal hits proposed takeover. News of the World closed down and other News …

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Phone Hacking: detective levels increased after ‘more victims come forward’


The number of police officers dedicated to the phone hacking inquiry has
been increased from 45 to 60 after a surge in requests form potential
victims demanding to know if they have been targeted, Scotland Yard has
confirmed. …

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Phone hacking: Downing Street is in disarray – so send for the leg-breakers

By John McTernan

The supine response to the phone hacking scandal at the News of the World
shows David Cameron’s need for a proper political machine, says John
McTernan. Halfway through my time as his political secretary, Tony Blair offered me some ….

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NYPD Was Contacted by FBI About News Corp. Hacking Probe, Spokesman Says

from Bloomberg

“The story in the Daily Mirror said that the police officer turned down
the request and said affirmatively that no hacking took place,” Siegel
said in a phone interview today. “We’re not accusing anyone of any
wrongdoing, but if illegal hacking …

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Activist charged with hacking

from the Boston Globe
By Milton J. Valencia

Aaron Swartz, a Cambridge web entrepreneur and political activist who has lobbied for the free flow of information on the Internet, was charged in federal court with hacking into a subscription-based archive system at MIT and …

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Holder open to meeting Sept 11 families on hacking

from Reuters

The Mirror report, citing an unidentified source, has yet to be
independently verified but already has fueled US emotions over the wider
phone hacking scandal that has consumed Britain and rocked Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp media empire. …

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FBI arrests 16 in Anonymous hacking investigation

from CNET
by Elinor Mills

Sixteen people were arrested in the United States today in
connection with hacking attacks by the Anonymous group of online activists, as well as one person in the UK and four people in the Netherlands, the US Department of Justice said …

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